A picture of AKA and Bonang has surfaced; the two of them were at the airport in Mozambique after their holiday.

Over the past few weeks, we have made a point of the fact that AKA and Bonang are making it easier and easier to realise that they are, in fact, dating

Not only are they dropping obvious hints that they are together, but they are constantly being spotted in the same locations.
On Friday, a source (who asked to remain anonymous) emailed us and revealed that he had spotted AKA and Bonang at an airport in Mozambique when they were flying back from their Baecation.
We know that they were both in the country at the same time, although they refuse to admit that they were dating.

It’s impossible to deny that something is going on when pictures like this are made public.

Even before we managed to get hold of this picture, AKA managed to drop yet another massive hint when he landed in Cape Town for his birthday on Thursday.

He shared the following picture from the arrivals terminal:

Is it coincidental that he posed for a picture in front of Bonang’s Revlon stand? When you add up all the evidence, it probably isn’t.

Come on AKA and Bonang; stop treating us like fools, just admit that you are dating or, if you really want to keep your relationship a secret, stop dropping these subliminal posts!

Source: All4Womenn


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