We’ve always known that South Africa’s politicians are semi-celebrities

Whether or not you agree with it or not, some of our cabinet ministers make their way to the tabloids more frequently than a lot of actors, singers and models in the country.
No other politician, however, manages to do this more frequently than Fikile Mbalula and on Friday morning he found himself trending once again.
This time, however, it wasn’t for anything funny or charismatic.

The Minister of Sports and Recreation shared a very dodgy picture of a barely dressed woman on Twitter shortly before deleting the picture

As soon as he discovered the picture, Fikile quickly deleted it before admitting that he was “hacked” and that he had no knowledge of the picture

Shortly afterwards, Fikile then tried to take a humorous spin on the matter by releasing a Twitter poll in which he asked people:
“Who do you think hacked me?” Some of the options included Gareth Cliff, Adriaan Basson and Satan.

The funniest response to all of this was Adriaan Basson, who tweeted:

Do you believe that Fikile Mbalula was actually hacked? Or do you think he is trying to cover up a mistake?

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