AKA has broken his silence over being caught in a ‘love triangle’ between rumoured bae Bonang Matheba and baby mama DJ Zinhle.

On Sunday, the rapper took to social media in a series of tweets to address the ‘love triangle’ debacle.
“It's actually quite ridiculous how people are taking my separation with the mother of my child, worse than the mother of my child… Fathers finding out that kids aren't theirs via DNA tests, Married Ministers with 100k duffle bag scandals ... But you focused on me,” AKA jotted down his frustrations.
“We have all moved on with our lives. Love Triangle yamasimba… Now that that's out of the way. I just spent the day with my daughter and she's beautiful, smart, healthy and loves her dad…. Everyone has had their say ... So on some Nelson Mandela shit. This will be the last time I address this issue. Done.”

When one follower posed to AKA that “Your affair was trash”, AKA clapped back by saying:
“’Affairs’ are for MARRIED men/women.”

Meanwhile, Bonang skipped this year's J&B Met and when fans asked on Saturday if she will be attending, she replied that:
“I’m at the movies with bae.”


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