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999 singer Chomee disses allegations that she is suffering from depression, she is just Exhausted

After reports cited that 999 singer Chomee was hospitalised for depression, the singer killed the rumours by clarifying that she is not depressed, just merely exhausted.
Like most celebrities these days, Chomee took to Instagram to let her followers know the real deal about her current health situation.
Chomee mentioned that because of her hectic schedule she has found that she’s actually been overworking herself, as she has a lot on her plate, from performing at various places around the country to recording her new album and prepping for a DVD shoot.
Chomee also clarified that Arthur has been nothing but supportive towards her and other 999 artists.
What surprised us the most is that Chomee actually revealed a bit about her relationship status.
“…And I’ve been happily dating for a while now, in fact, my partner makes me very HAPPY! What I’m guilty of is just overworking myself.”
By the looks of this video, it doesn't seem like Chomee is exhausted either! The friend behind her has enough energy for the both of them.


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