A 32-year-old Free State businesswoman has accused Ndara (45) of allegedly destroying her marriage of 10 years and allegedly conniving with her ex-hubby to refuse her access to her kids.
The gatvol woman has now involved the police in her fight to see her children.
In a dramatic turn of events yesterday, the woman arrived at Ndara's home in Roodepoort escorted by police.
"I came to Joburg on Wednesday to see the kids but I was ignored. I haven't been sleeping at all. On Thursday my brother brought me sleeping tablets. How do I sleep as a mother in this situation?" said the woman.
She said she had agreed with the ex-hubby that she will see the kids but everything changed and her ex was avoiding her calls.
"Everything was fine and I suspect that he consulted with Vatiswa and changed his mind because he said I must first withdraw what I said that Vatiswa was a magogo. Even his friends were poking fun at him, saying he left a beautiful woman for a magogo," said the woman.
However, the man (38) dismissed the allegations as hogwash.
"I'm not refusing her access to the kids. I told her that until such time that she approaches me like a human being and not treat me like rubbish, she'll see the kids," he said.
The woman claimed Ndara dated her ex-husband for two years while they were still married.
"My kids visited their father in Mthatha the whole of last year and came back telling me about aunt Vat. They also told me that when they go with her to the malls, everyone wanted to take pictures with her. That's when I investigated and found out it was Vatiswa Ndara. I watched TV to see her.
"I have nothing against their relationship because our customary marriage was over in 2014. All I want is to see my kids. The photos they send me are not enough. I need to know if they're okay emotionally. All I know is that they stay in Roodepoort and I don't even know where they attend school," the woman said.
"I know my ex-husband was once convicted of fraud. What if he does something wrong and gets arrested? How will I know where Vatiswa stays? I want a relationship with the woman who is taking care of my kids."
She said she does not want to go the legal route because that will cause more trouble for her ex-hubby, who is a Lesotho citizen.

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