A 47-year-old man with a very big – and a very small – problem.
The sad man told Daily Sun he hasn’t had a girlfriend in 20 years, and that he is the laughing stock of magoshas.
That’s because while he became a grown man, his 4-5 looks like it stayed ­behind in grade 4!
The poor fellow from Kagiso, west of Joburg said: “When I reached high school I knew I had a serious problem. My 4-5 wasn’t growing like those of other boys. It started to be embarrassing to show it when undressing in front of them.”
And whereas having s 3x with a girl for the first time should have been one of the best moments of his life, it became his biggest challenge.
“I still panic every time I have to make love because I know my 4-5 is not going to perform. It has made me hate s 3x,” he said.
He said he resorted to magoshas for satisfaction, who call him their favourite customer as his 4-5 doesn’t have much of an impact.
He said he had consulted more than 10 traditional healers and prophets. “They all tell me the same thing – that people did evil things to me while I was still young. The healers tried to help me but I see no difference,” he said.
Now he needs medical help. “I’m seeing a doctor soon. I believe the time is right to hear their view.”

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Source: Daily Sun

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