Following the hate speech he received after accusing his brother’s wife of being a gold digger,Jeremy Milani has once again gone on Social Media to explain the motive for his actions.Below is the full unedited article he sent 

"OK let me clear a few of the facts that some of you ignorant jackasses know nothing about.
I have been there with and FOR my brother for 54 years. I went through his childhood with him, none of you did and you know NOTHING about him nor his upbringing nor his background. All you do is read what was posted and believe it. He retired in March 2015 thinking his pension will cover him for the next 20-30 years. Financially he had a monthly budget plan for the money to last (based on a plan worked out by ME AND THE BANK FINANCIAL ADVISER.. Yes he went to the betting place and played small amounts. It was ONLY in April 2015 that he told this wife that he retired and has “all this money”. Before then she she VERY LITTLE INTEREST in pursuing any form of relationship with him. EVEN HIS NEIGHBOR WARNED HIM TO AT LEAST BE AWARE OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING. A neighbor that “looked after him for many years and helped him out many. many times. Family helped him out many times (including me) due to his lack of knowledge and finances and planning. He was )and is) a very gullible person in that most person would take advantage of him and let him spend HIS money on them because he had a hard time making friends. He has NEVER had any form of a relationship with someone.until he met this woman. As our parents have both passed on his life became very lonely and no social life BECAUSE HE HAD NO FRIENDS (the few he had ONLY knew him for his money). Suddenly this new wife had a LOT OF INTEREST in him as soon as he told her about his savings investment. Until this stage (April) she could ONLY afford to rent a room where about 10 other people lived because her job at this betting place did not pay very much. Martin’s neighbor could see how suddenly his whole attitude changed toward every he knew (the few people who did care about him). I flew to South Africa because his neighbor informed me that something “very strange” was going on with Martin’s life and his concern was that he would very quickly spend the money he had invested for saving and retirement (his neighbor got to know him VERY WELL).
Martin was surprised when I arrived in SA and did not welcome me (it was then that I knew someone had “brainwashed” him. He told me about a new girlfriend he met in April and finally revealed to me that they flew to Zimbabwe to “meet her parents” but nothing else . I asked him did he pay Lebola he told me NO HE ONLY WENT TO MEET THE PARENTS. I found out later he told me (and so did his wife on the phone after I returned to Canada). Fine, that is the culture, so be it. SHE HAD VERY LITTLE SAVINGS. Yes maybe SOME people meet and marry after a brief dating period and good luck and congratulations to those who it worked out for. THIS case however is very different. SHE HAD NOTHING. I asked when I was there to meet her and he said NO YOU DON’T NEED TO. I asked if he was married he said no are you crazy why would i marry her after 6 months? I only found out later through other resources that they in fact married one week before I arrived. SO WHY DID HE FEEL THE NEED TO LIE TO ME. Because she was black? Hell no, I DON;’T CARE IF SHE IS WHITE, BLACK, ASIAN, COLORED, HISPANIC ETC ETC…times have changed and it’s very acceptable in many countries. I live in a very diverse country so THAT is not the issue. Yes I wish him happiness PROVIDED ITS FOR THE RIGHT REASONS AND WITH THE RIGHT PERSON. This woman IS not THAT PERSON. i SPOKE TO HER A NUMBER OF TIMES OVER THE PHONE when I returned to Canada. She told me that she was pregnant with his child. She even spoke to my daughter and promised her that “they” would help her out and she can pay them back. I really don’t care about all the money I lent him a lot of money over the past 15 years when he was in financial trouble. Their were times he had no money for his house payments, no money for food etc etc and within ONE DAY I wired money to help him out. Not once did I ever ask for him to pay me back. He lent money from a number of other family members and NEVER paid them back either..therefore they NO LONGER CONTACT HIM. Even the local police told me (and tried to tell him) that he needs to be careful because these scam artists are commonly known to come and “marry” someone, look after them, give them love and attention and in time, once they have secured all the assets in their name (by marrying), it’s only a matter of time after the “wedding” that “things will happen”..Figure that out, it’s not rocket science.
After a few phone calls to each other after I returned to Canada, it was clear that this woman had convinced him that she is THE ONE. Trust me, IT DOES NOT TAKE MUCH TO CONVINCE HIM OF SOMETHING. He is not the normal 56 year old due to severe problems when he was younger. This is why a number of “friends” took advantage of him and his financial situation…and then left when the money ran out. I ask you this..

WOULD THIS WOMAN HAVE PURSUED HIM IF SHE WAS NOT AWARE OF HIS FINANCIAL SAVING? WHY THEN DID SHE WAIT UNTIL APRIL (if they supposedly knew each other a year before that) WHEN HE FINALLY TOLD HER HE WAS RETIRED AND HAD ALL THIS MONEY (and believe me, it’s not much if you look at the cost of living. Within 3 months she dated him and by July got him hook, line and sinker. His thoughts probably were Great I have someone who cares about me, overlooking the gold digger part. Many of his friends and family (and a lot of educated black people who i spoke to ALL warned him that he was about to walk into a horrible situation (even people who live in Zimbabwe) sadly. Lets face it people, when you are 56, never dated, never had a woman and are all alone, money talks right?
So to all of you thinking I am jealous and racist, go knock somewhere else. I have many friends from all races all around the world. Jealous? Why should I be jealous? If he has found someone who is GENUINE AND IN THIS FOR THE RIGHT REASON AND HE ‘STICKS AROUND” FOR THE NEXT FEW YEARS AND THEY STAY MARRIED,. GREAT. Somehow I get the feeling this will not happen. Do you really think I have not done any homework on this woman and her “life” before she met him” It’s called police records dumbasses. It’s strange how after this brief period in time after being MARRIED to him for so short that pretty much all of his retirement has been spent in 6 months (money that was planned to last him monthly for 15 – 20 YEARS. He was planning on selling the house last year and moving out of that province (until this woman entered and changed his life). Suddenly house was renovated, she bought a car and she opened HER business. Martin is to uneducated to have ANY business knowledge. I know too well…hell he couldn’t even plan his monthly budgets nor save a penny in 55 years..SO WHAT MAKES ANY OF YOU THINK HE CAN RUN A BUSINESS? None of you even know him let alone know his life story.
A few people on this thread are actually sensible and see exactly what I see. THESE ARE YOUR OWN PEOPLE SEEING THIS, NOT WHITES, NOT ASIANS, NOT ANY OTHER RACE.
My aim with this story was the bs and lies that he told about how nobiody from his family or side came to his wedding. BOO FKN HOO…I wonder why he has no friends? Mmmmm.
To put it simply, this is a tale of the poor white old man who was very desperate in finding some company and in most countries it might be a major achievement (as I have heard) for a black girl to find and marry a white man. I really don’t care. NONE OF YOU KNOW HIM NOR HIS BACKGROUND, NONE OF YOU LIVED WITH HIM AND KNOW HIM LIKE I DO FOR 54 YEARS SO KEEP YOUR DUMBASS OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS TO YOURSELVES..

MUSA…you hit the nail on the head..WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FAMILY, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS AND RELATIVES. NO THEY ARE NOT RACIST AT ALL…and yes, when she has drained him of everything and shit hits, I can assure you she will NO LONGER be around to pick up the pieces…maybe he will learn the hard way but then it will be too late.
Yes he is my brother but the way he treated me when I flew all the way there to go and visit him? His reaction so shocked I came to visit and surprise him he didn’t even invite me to sleep at his house and could not even welcome me because he knew if he told me the stupid move he made would not go down well. I encouraged him to at least date for two years and get to know her. Are you kidding wonder I no longer care about him. Greed and no brains has taken over his life (and so has this woman). It’s interesting how when he suddenly has some money that he thinks will last him forever that he now shuts out those who cared for and bout him and took care of him for many years before a certain gold digger walked in and magically changed his life…BS that doesn’t just happen overnight and last.

So stop thinking and believing and feeling sorry for him because he “HAD NO FAMILY AT HIS WEDDING”…NOBODY EVEN KNEW ABOUT IT and the few people (who were his friends) I have told are TOTALLY SHOCKED AND AMAZED that after a few months, his life is very messed up and that he has “changed” so drastically and wants nothing to do with them. Hell his OWN niece in Canada was critical and I left a lot of messages for him to call her…DO YOU THINK HE EVER BOTHERED TO CALL? He called ONCE and never again.
GET IT THROUGH TO YOUR STUPID BRAINS..THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACISM AND JEALOUSY. I have a pretty good life but I am not involved with someone who wants to be with me for my savings. Sadly, MARTIN’S WIFE IS

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