If you think that being a celebrity is really awesome, then you might have got it wrong at some point and you should consider revising it. True, you might have no worries about paying bills anymore, you gain public recognition but like P Diddy used to say in the Puff Daddy days, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.”

You either choose to become a celebrity and forget Privacy or privacy and forget Celebrity life but never own both. My Mzansi It Girl, DJ Zinhle has fallen a victim of this, however much she tried to keep her Bae away from the public, seems it has failed and like I said before you can't be a celebrity and run a private life.

When you choose to be become a celebrity, you must admit that Your life is not only yours anymore. It’s everybody’s, apparently. You remember what happened with DJ Zinhle and AKA, it was everywhere. It’s actually annoying, and frankly, I could give a rat’s ass if they stayed together or got divorced, but it seems like everyone in South Africa was infatuated with the news. And the little daughter, Kairo who is young and doesn’t understand why the whole of Mzansi was talking about her mommy and daddy separating.That’s sad.

DJ Zinhle stepped out to reveal to Anele on 94.7 that she was dating someone, she went ahead to post on her social media page pics of her being cozied by anonymous man (Bae) and this triggered people to start their research on who Mr. Bond was. The research revealed Mr. Bond is actually Top Billing presenter, Chris Jaftha and from DJ Zinhle description of her Bae he seems the one.

 Zinhle described his bae as being cute, wears expensive suits, has “an amazing voice” and puts on expensive watches. Upon this rumour breaking, people rushed onto Christopher's Instagram page to pose questions about the allegations but he kept mum about this and deleted DJ Zinhle's Pic that he had shared with a caption "This Lady". This fueled the speculations.

Its true that people will always want to start up rumours about celebrities like Zinhle. Sometimes it is not a big deal, but sometimes people can say some really nasty things about you and it can have a negative affect on your life, your future, and your family.

In reply to people's Investigations Zinhle said:

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