In an interview with Power FM, Nonhle Thema spoke about how she felt relieved that she no longer had ‘it’ girl status.

Thema made headlines for the wrong reasons a few years ago when she had a public meltdown after taking to Twitter to boast about her lifestyle, making millions and being famous.

“I was done with this ‘it’ girl thing when Bonang really stepped up. I was like woah, she saved me! Because honestly I was at the pinnacle of the industry as a female, especially when I did my reality show.

“I was the go-to person then, I also [fed the media frenzy], I liked dating rappers, I was everything, not knowing that I was losing my soul through it all because I became someone I wasn’t really. So I was really happy when the ‘it’ girl status was relinquished from me.

“The old me is gone. I have no desire to sit and interview rappers or sit and interview celebrity culture because I’ve been there,” said Thema.

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