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Dineo Ranaka hides weave to take pic with ‘lovely’ Hugh Masekela

Reality TV star Dineo Ranaka has shared that she had to wrap her head with a towel to hide her weave so she could take a picture with legendary musician Hugh Masekela.

“It’s a true story ladies – Bra Hugh (I prefer to call him Ntate Hugh but he insists on Bra Hugh) will not be photographed with any artificial or straightened hair!! Lol,” she said.

While most are offended by Masekela’s preference, Ranaka said she could not let it kill her joy, adding she refused to let her ego rob her of a moment to smile and laugh with this “lovely” man.

“Respecting each other’s differences and being open to meet one another half way makes life, and it’s precious moments all the more pleasurable.”

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