Ntombezinhle ‘DJ Zinhle’ Jiyane was left fuming after an Uber driver called her daughter, Kairo, a “yellow bone”. Zinhle took to Twitter to express her anger over the label, saying though some found it flattering, she found the “rubbish quite offensive”.

Some agreed with her, saying the yellow-bone craze was an insult to blackness “because it insinuates darkness isn’t beauty” and that “colourism is a product of white supremacy”.

“Yellow bone is not the first thing you say to a child! ‘Helo nana’ would be more appropriate! I see no drama nje here! Usile u Uber!” said another.

But there were some who said the DJ was being dramatic and making a big deal out of nothing.

“Stop being a stuck-up snob. You know the poor guy was just being nice. Put your ‘clever girl’ pants back on and sit down,” said one.

The DJ responded to the criticism, saying he was not forcing anyone to dislike the yellow-bone label.

“Just expressing my opinion, I don’t want my child to be labelled, label your damn self,” she said

The DJ further told her followers that she did “respectfully” address the issue with the driver.

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