The saga continues between the kicking maestro Dr Malinga and young rapper Nasty C.

The two have been involved in an unexpected twar, which has set the internet alight over the past few days.

It all started after Dr Malinga shared his opinions over whether Nasty C deserved to win song of the year at the Metro’s. Things spiralled out of control between the two musicians with both of them throwing massive shade against each other.

Speaking on the morning radio show DJ Sbu Breakfast, Malinga took another shot at the young lyricist by saying that Nasty C made people sleep through his performances.

The musician also confidently said that Nasty C didn't stand a chance against him. "You will never last on Twitter if you take me on," he said.

Malinga added that he was well within his rights to have an opinion on the awards and on Nasty C's songs.

The kickmaster also revisited some of the shade Nasty threw at him, saying that people knew him regardless.  

"He was talking about my long trousers and trying to make me a fool but I was never a fool when I was wearing those long trousers, and putting my pants by my boobs, but guess what, you know who Dr Malinga is," he said.

Malinga also explained that Nasty C should learn to have some respect.

"Your genre of music must never make you insult us. You must just respect elders. Why didn’t he say something when I said I liked Juice Back but now that I say I don’t like Hell Naw, he’s got a problem but it’s my opinion, everyone is allowed their opinion."

He also cautioned the Bad Hair Extensions musician to have respect.

“You must respect other people so that they can respect you back and you must respect other people’s opinions.”

Attempts to reach Nasty C were unsuccessful with management Mabala Noise saying that he was aboard a flight.

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