The rapper who has never been shy to share his achievements with his fans shared details of his new house.

"Its a four bedroom, cottage, swimming pool and three car garage home," Emtee told Z'khiphani.

Despite the controversy that has surrounded his record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, the rapper seems to be flourishing and happy.

Emtee described his flashy new house as his "ultimate dream," especially because he grew up in poverty.

"It's a perfect house, it's always been my dream. Every day we wake up in the morning and just sit by the lawn man, like hey this is it, with a pool in the background," Emtee added.

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Emtee also shared that the house was not just for him and his family but for his ATM (African Trap Movement) squad as well. Adding that the did not have as many people chilling at his house as he used to, but he was still enjoying every moment of it.

A friend of Emtee and fellow member of ATM shared video snippets and pictures of the house on Instagram.

And damn its fancy!

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