14 -year-old girl, Sesethu Zikhona who became famous for her sex video tape which went viral has finally come out to share a touching story.

Speaking to media personality Criselda Dudumashe yesterday, Sesethu was given a brief on the girls whose life has been turned upside down by social media.

Criselda said that Sesethu is still a baby and that she one day dreams of being a teacher.

“She DOES NOT HAVE A PHONE! All the Sesethu profiles are false,” Criselda said.

She continued to say that Sesethu wishes for South Africans to forgive her and that unlike the people pretending to be her on social media, she is actually remorseful.

“She is taking baby steps to move on and is blessed with a loving and very supportive family,” she said.

 Criselda ended the post by saying that society needs to be vigilant when it comes to children accessing technology.

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