An eight-month-old baby bit his mom while being fed and was found in a pool of his own blood. It is said that the mother stabbed her baby 90 times with scissors. 

Xiao Bao, the baby was found bleeding in the backyard. His uncle took him to the hospital in Eastern China. The baby received 120 stitches in order to be stable. 

There have been a lot of bad parenting cases there in the world. I still remember the mom who threw her kid out of the window and later gained sympathy. This one right here is downright cruel.

There are no traces of the mother to be found but the baby was seriously injured with over 120 stitches. 

The stitches can be seen on his face, hands and legs. 

While still trying to open his eyes, he was trying hard to sit. 

Obviously, the baby is in pain. 

The local neighbours asked the officials to keep a note that the baby is kept away from the mother.

Their request was denied. The baby is under the care of his uncles who make their living out of selling recyclables. 
How can someone stab their own kid ruthlessly? 

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