David Junior Ngcobo, better known by his stage name Nasty C, has finally responded to Dr Malinga’s tweets and it is not looking good. In a video, Nasty C, who told Dr Malinga to let go of his loss at the Metro FM Awards, called him a “103-year-old f*cking gimmick who wears green pants all the way up to his man boobs and pretends to be kicking a plane on stage”.

He told Malinga to shut up and work as hard as he does before he starts complaining about who deserves to win awards.

Watch the video below:

He said: “So I’m up at 4am because I’m due on set at 5, shooting  a music video. Shooting another one in another city tomorrow. I just dropped four music videos consecutively, three of which were part of a premier [sic] at Sterkinekor [sic] in three CDs. Before even mid-February I’d already dropped three songs this year. And you are mad at me because I won something?

“You’re like a 103 [sic] and you wear green shorts all the way up to your man boobs and pink shoes and pretend you’re trying to kick down a plane on stage. You’re a f*cking gimmick. You are a publicity stunt. Let it go, it’s okay, cut the sh*t. How do your kids even look up to you. Who the f*ck even looks up to you, kids of which world even? Shut the f*ck up. Stop being a slobby ass and actually work half as hard as I do then maybe you’ll understand how to win.”

Malinga watched the video and responded, saying he was listening to the young artist’s Hell Naw, further saying he was a fan. In fact, Nasty C was also Malinga’s fan, according to the Akulaleki hit maker.

He said Nasty C’s message was pointless as he told people what they already knew about him.

“I’m a clown already so telling people what they know is the same as explaining a movie while watching it together lol,” he said.

He further said he was even considering remixing Juice Back to Awards Back and instead of trying to kick down a plane on stage, the next time he sees Nasty C he will act like he’s kicking a mosquito, knowing he’s his target.

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