Pearl Thusi has added her voice to the raging debate around Western Cape premier Helen Zille's colonialism tweets which has sparked widespread outrage.

Zille landed in hot water on Thursday after she tweeted saying that colonialism wasn’t all bad.

"For those claiming legacy of colonialism was only negative‚ think of our independent judiciary‚ transport infrastructure‚ piped water etc‚" Zille tweeted.

Pearl along with most of the nation blasted the politician for the comments.

The actress explained that she was seething with anger and called Zille out on forgetting about the people who helped build the hospitals and other facilities in the country.

When Pearl saw that Zille was getting on board a flight in the midst of the storm, it just infuriated her more.

She also coined a new name for her - making reference to Penny Sparrow who caused a stir in SA in 2016 over racism comments - labelling her "Helen Sparrow".


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