SHE plays the role of Niki Bongco on Rhythm City and although her character is in a polygamous marriage, actress Nolo Phiri (30) said there is no way that would happen in real life. 
“I’m selfish when it comes to my partner.” 
She said she is not againstpolygamy and understands the practice. She said she has met a lot of women who told her they draw strength from Niki’s character. 

“Niki is a strong woman to take the decision to share her husband with another woman. 
“Polygamy is a choice and the practice works for some.
“Many feel Niki is a good role model because she is a modern woman who has to deal with old traditional practices and customs. 
“Niki has made polygamy work because she loves her husband.
“I have been portraying this character for the past seven years. I can easily change into Niki.”

Born Lehlogonolo Phiri in Nancefield, Limpopo, Nolo was raised by her mum, Patricia. “I admire my mum’s accountability and hard work. She always makes sure her house is in order.”Nolo studied dramatic arts at the Wits School of Arts. She loves travelling and said she has been to New York, Tanzania, Thailand and Botswana.  “When it comes to travelling, you can’t make excuses. 

“You also don’t have to save for a year. When the time comes, you have to travel.”
She is obsessed with culture and people from different parts of the world. 
“I want to compare their social lives with mine. 
“Travelling opens my mind and drives me to learn how other people practise their culture.”
Nolo’s next travel destination is the Northern Cape.
When she is not acting, she runs Redefine Multimedia, where she is responsible for creating various productions. 
Her theme for this year is: “Jump before you get pushed.” 
“Have a plan for your life and don’t be scared to take risks. Meet people who know about the world and are willing to advise you,” she said.

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