NANGAMSO Mayekiso (32) is a worried woman. 

She claims she is haunted by a tokoloshe that leaves kak under her bed. 

Nangamso from Kosovo, Samora Machel near Cape Town, showed the SunTeam the shit under the bed. 

She also claims that she has been receiving unknown letters since 2014, threatening her with death. 

“The letters say I must leave my shack and move somewhere else or face death,” said Nangamso. 

“The letter I received last Friday threatened that the next letter I get will be read in heaven. 

“It also stated that my arrogance will end, and that my neighbour and I will both die and our husbands will be our zombies.” 

Nangamso said she found out that her neighbour also received a letter, and she also found shit under her bed. 

“But my neighbour has since moved out of her shack. I think a witch is using a tokoloshe to leave the letters and shit when I’m not at home,” Nangamso said. 

“I find the letters in the shack and the shit is always under my bed.” 

The most recent letter said this shit was different. 

“Look for your husband’s ring. I have already broken your marriage,” reads the letter. 

Nangamso checked under her bed and found shit with needles, but she couldn’t find her husband’s ring. 

“But the other shit didn’t have needles,” said Nangamso. 

Nangamso told the People’s Paper she also found her husband’s underwear, and a small towel they keep next to the bed had been torn. 

Sangoma Khanyiswa Kheswa said: “The reason behind the tokoloshe’s action is a witch who wants to date her husband. 

“The couple should pray and use muthi, otherwise Nangamso and her husband could die.”

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