A video of a lawyer watching soft porn during court proceedings has emerged and left many wondering if his client even won the case. In the video, a lawyer can be seen holding his phone and hiding it under a table, while another can be heard arguing his case.

Though he tries to hide it with the volume on mute, someone takes a video that shows what’s on his screen. The video, with more than 30 000 views, has seen some trying to defend him, while some condemn his actions. The rest just make fun of him.

These were some of the comments on the video:

“He must be a ‘Cum Loud’ graduate.”

“Oh goodness me, terrible ! Its just as bad though to be so bloody nosy that you view in to catch a glimpse.”

“Maybe he was reviewing material submitted/ to be submitted as evidence.”

“How can he go to court while hes hungry?”

Watch the video posted on South-Africa Uncensored:

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