Robert Marawa and Fikile Mbalula have made peace and its all thanks to Oskido.

Mzansi's favorite DJ, DJ Oskido has managed to get Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula and Metro FM Radio host Robert Marawa to bury the hatchet and end their feud.  

Oskido is a personal friend to both of of them and apparently had a sit down with both of them. He even took to Isntagram to express how he feels.

Their very strange war of words began after sports editor Mninawa Ntlok tweeted that Durban’s bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games was losing steam.

To which Robert replied: “this we knew when they were busy acting like Tarzan!!”.

Fikile, who had held a briefing that day stating that the city might pull out of the bid due to cost problems, did not take kindly to “vindictive” Robert’s Tarzan comments. “Study the facts get the report and don’t be vindictive bfo you blow your usual hot air on the matter,” he tweeted.

Robert replied by saying he can’t change his opinion, adding that Fikile was the one who was usually full of hot air.

Things took a strange twist when Robert accused the minister of trying to get him fired.

“I have no "gripe" FYI. I have a different opinion. Different to u trying to get me fired from MetroFM, that's a gripe,” he tweeted.

Fikile seemed confused by the allegation: “Y will I want you get fired.? Smh. You should have long BEEN fired I defended U. DON'T DIGRESS.”

"Conflicts and fights are a results of a failure to sit down and talk. This often leads to undesirable drama. It's good to see two people I hold highly, @robert_marawa and Minister of Police @fikile@balula, hug and make up after talking. To quote Gandhi - "And eye for an eye will make the whole world blind". Peace Ma'Gents #fikilembalula #nazooooo #robertmarawa #Amagrootmaan #peace #ibelieve" he captioned the photo.


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