Tshwanelo Mofokeng, 14, went missing from NH Josub High School after it closed early due to fears the violence could spill over, her aunt Nomsa Mcapai said on Thursday from Phiri, Soweto.

“After she didn’t return from school on Wednesday, her father went to the school to try and find out what happened, which is when we found out she had disappeared,” Mcapai said.

“Tshwanelo was wearing her school uniform the last time anyone saw her, blue chino slacks with a white blouse and a powder blue jersey,” said Mcapai.

The teenager’s father, Tshepo Monyake, said Tswhwanelo did not have a cellphone and her friends had told him she said she was going to Dube after arguing with her mother.

“However, no one saw her climbing into a Dube taxi and we are still looking for her,” said Monyake.

A missing person case been opened opened at Moroka Police Station, 011-527-0000.

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