Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba's wife, Norma, gave the country a glimpse into her life with a rare TV interview this weekend.

Sitting with eNCA's Ayanda Allie Paine, the woman fondly known as Mrs Gigabytes talked about everything from family, to her work in IT as well as weaves, fashion and tenders.

Mrs Gigaba who describes herself as an IT specialist explained the type of work she does and how she deals with day to day workplace struggles.

Norma revealed that as an IT and graphic design executive she gets to deal with a lot of tenders.

"I'm into business, so we've got clients like Impala Platinum where we bring IT in mining, we bring IT in aviation, so that's type of my job," she said.

"And also I deal with a lot of tenders where we just go to big tenders, we put tenders together. If we lose the tender like we sit down with my team I wanna know 'how did we lose the tender', if we win 'okay how are we different to our competitors?'

"So it's more like that, like it's IT, it's business and it's a war of losing deals - getting deals, that's type of my work."

Mrs Gigaba said that she did not derive the Mrs Gigabyte tag from Gigaba's surname but that she has always been Ms Gigabyte and only changed the title when she got married. She said that the Gigabyte comes from her IT background.

"I don't like it when something is in the papers and I must go and correct it at the same time. People will get to know me, especially if you judge me before I introduce myself. Like, goodluck for you," she said.

She reiterated that she is not a trophy wife and that she met the former Home Affairs minister when she was already stable.

"People don't know [that] when Malusi met me I was already working and I was already an IT specialist at the time. That time I was more of a designer, I was designing websites and logos at that time and I was doing a lot in IT business technologies. I was more of a troubleshooting in computers and at my age at that time I had more money because I had my own car, I had my own house in Bryanston."

"When Malusi saw me he knew like I got my own things. So they think 'this is our tax money'. "

She also made reference to an article which made mention of a pair of expensive sneakers she had been seen wearing.

"I remember the scandal about my sneakers. I bought those sneakers, Malusi was not even there when I was buying those sneakers," she explained.

Mrs Gigaba also mentioned that her work in IT enabled her to help her husband and offer some advice when he was still Home Affairs minister.

"We did the transformation together of technology, because I wanted to help him because I felt like there was long queues at Home Affairs and I know IT and I know most of the time their system is very slow so how do you speed up? So it helped for him to adapt to technology like, I was there helping him," said Mrs Gigaba.

She also confessed to being her husband's 'stylist'. Like most   women with a bit of fashion sense she co-ordinates his outfits and believes that a person should always look good as first impressions matter.

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"So it's me who's so fascinated about the outfits. So I love to make sure he's got enough suits maybe for a week and also I have to go maybe tailor our suits and I know his sizes because he doesn't really have time because now he's studying, he's doing his PhD. So he doesn't really have time to go and buy clothes and do shopping. So that's me who do all the shopping. I want him to look good. Look at [Nelson Mandela] Madiba, look at [Barack] Obama, they look so good. It's a sign of good manners," said Mrs Gigaba

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