NOMHLE Punguzwa’s dog was very popular ekasi, but little did she know that her neighbour had evil thoughts about her pet.

On Saturday morning, the 37-year-old from Joe Slovo in Port Elizabeth was horrified when her pregnant dog was allegedly raped!

She told Daily Sun: “At 7am, a neighbour woke me up after seeing my neighbour taking my dog into his house.”

Nomhle said she rushed to the house fearing the suspect was going to kill her pet.

“We knocked at his door but he didn’t open. We waited for over 30 minutes before I went to fetch my uncle. Soon other neighbours were also on the scene,” she said.

“We entered his house and I saw my dog escaping through the fence. Her privates were bleeding and she was crying in pain. We decided to call the cops.”

When police arrived with the SPCA, they found blood stains on the floor and arrested the neighbour. “The SPCA took my dog for treatment and confiscated his own dog.”

Nomhle said the man destroyed the love she had for her dog.

“She was like my baby. People adored her. She was pregnant when this evil man raped her,” she said.

“I hope the SPCA keeps my dog because I’m traumatised. I can’t live with her anymore because I constantly will be reminded of what happened to her.”

The suspect was taken to Kwadwesi Police Station. 

Source: Daily Sun

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