Rapper K.O has spoken out about how shots at his character‚ health bill and music career have been motivated by “pure hate” and how they have left him with low morale.

K.O has gone through the most in the last year and the rapper took to Twitter to get it off his chest.

After waking up “feeling some type of way“‚ the rapper shared that he really just wants to make music but he has observed that a lot of what he went through came from “pure hate” for him.

K.O went on to explain why he has been feeling like he is under attack. He mentioned the “fake news” about his HIV status‚ his alleged attempts to “sabotage” his own artists and the character “assassination” he has endured

K.O said he’s tired of the consequences of being misunderstood and the constant attempts to “kill” his musical efforts.

The rapper went on to explain his plan of action under all these circumstances and eventually thanked his “haters” for the ‘love’.

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Read for yourself below:

Woke up feeling some type of way this morning. Since '16 there's been people coming for me and my work simply coz they dislike me as a person, and that has affected my morale a bit. Have been dealing wt false accusations rumors ever since I went solo. Ppl out there perpetuating lies about me out of pure hatred smh.
Fake news about me having AIDS, how I released Papa Action to kill MAEs album, how I didn't want Cashtime artists to release music. How I'm an arrogant asshole, a greedy devil and spotlight hogger, how I don't appreciate my fans. Some guy claiming I 'stole his style' just coz I used the word 'Skhanda' in my music, when I'd never even heard of him and his supposed 'style'.
 I'm tired of this crap! For real.... guess this is what comes with being misunderstood huh. Ppl can spew so much hatred towards me to a point where they put in actual effort in even trying to kill my musical efforts and talent. My position is even more frustrating right now in fact. Especially since I'm being told to change my whole sound AGAIN. I created a genre just to walk away frm it...
So at this point I have opted to do some introspection and digging deep to find my voice again. I'm in the process of recreating myself. As much as I woulda loved to give my fans the album now, I sadly need to rework the entire project. Rather that than giving y'all mediocrity. I am though putting finishing touches to these records I'll be releasing in June and that will officially set precedence to put my next project.
To all those who support me unconditionally I love and thank you for riding with me even through tough times and I am dedicating the new album to YOU! To all the naysayers/haters/non-believers and them, thank you for the love ... PS: I'm taking all my riders with me through this journey of me working on the album. I will be posting videos and all as the saga unfolds, feel free to comment on the posts for suggestions. #DustGawd

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