A shy Dineo was dealt a band hand when she found herself in an abusive relationship but after meeting Sandile, the good guy in the hood, she realized very quickly that she deserved better and that he is all she needs.

Dineo met Sandile in December 2014 after she bumped into him chilling outside of his house with a couple of friends and since she laid his eyes on him, her life hasn't been the same.

Although Dineo is deeply in love with Sandile, she had to address the elephant in the room which is the glaring fact that Sandile is already in a relationship.

Sandile did confirm that he is in a 3-year relationship which he loves and enjoys being in. 

However, earlier on Dineo thought she could brick the other woman and have Sandile all to herself, unfortunately, the guy declined her proposal.

At some point, we honestly thought Dineo was tearing up.

Being rejected is really a hard pill to swallow guys especially if it's witnessed by the entire nation, how does one bounce back from a curve like that?


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