Among the controversies that continues to surround the death and funeral of late Yizo Yizo star Christopher “Gunman” Kubheka is the allegation that his aunt slapped a woman at the Soweto funeral at the Jabulani Soweto Theatre for speaking ill of him.

Phindile Xaba reportedly told Sunday Sun that she had slapped his female friend, Refiloe Lekalake, because she had allegedly spoken of his drinking habits and this had “disgusted” her.

She said her culture made it clear that one could not speak ill of the dead, and Gunman drank alcohol but was never an alcoholic.

“He loved his kids and his family … he grew up in my arms. I’ll never allow someone to talk ill of him,” she told the tabloid.

Lekalake, however, denied the incident, saying only that Xaba had told her she didn’t want her at the funeral.

“I don’t go around fighting old people,” she was quoted as saying. She was reportedly refused entry to the gathering after the funeral.

It was also reported in the tabloids on Sunday that Kubheka’s widow has been left distraught by revelations that her husband fathered as many as two-dozen children.

Fourteen youngsters introduced as his progeny reportedly took to the stage at his memorial service last week, and another 10 were introduced during his funeral service in Soweto.

Cynthia Khumalo had apparently only known about four other children, who he had apparently admitted were his only once during their 10-year customary marriage, on a trip to the doctor.

Cynthia said she felt “disrespected” because several of the children had been younger than 10.

She was still able to laugh about it, however, despite feeling betrayed by Gunman and his family.

“I was going to be the mother of the nation,” she joked.

One of her husband’s closest friends apparently later admitted there were indeed as many as 24 offspring

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