Ndivhuwo and Dineo were close friends since last year August and are avid churchgoers as well, however, Ndivhuwo decided to take things further by asking Dineo out.

Clearly shocked at Ndivhuwo's gesture, Dineo actually looked like she was about to choke on her own spit when she found out it was Ndivhuwo who invited her on the show.

Ndivhuwo's feelings for Dineo became even stronger when she saw that Dineo was complimenting her on the clothes she was wearing. Which, to be honest, was an innocent gesture of kindness. 

Dineo has a boyfriend whom she has a child with. How awkward?

What we can appreciate about Ndivhuwo is that she was really determined to get a 'yes' from Dineo. She even pulled the sympathy card, but unfortunately, that didn't work.


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