Caster Semenya held nothing back during a recent interview on SuperSport where she opened up about the pain of being subjected to gender verification tests

Even though the shocking fiasco happened eight years ago, for Caster the humiliation will live on in her mind.

Speaking to Dr Ali Bacher, Caster said she felt as if the whole world had seen her naked.

“I don’t understand when you say I have an advantage because I am a woman. When I pee, I pee like a woman. I don’t understand when you say I am a man or I have a deep voice,” she said.

Caster added that she didn’t understand how people believed she had the resources to change her gender.

“How the hell can you change gender in the rural areas? I am a woman. We don’t have good doctors, we are not rich to do such procedures,” Caster said.
Even though it was a painful time for her, Caster said she didn’t allow the debacle to break her down

The athlete was subjected to gender tests in 2009 after competitors raised concerns over whether she was eligible to compete as a female. Caster was allowed to compete again after being suspended for months and it is believed she had to undergo treatment to suppress the high levels of testosterone in her body.

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