Sunday night’s episode of Date My Family has left social media users in shock, as usual.

We met Mbali, a 25-year-old Zulu girl who is a chef. Obviously she made all sorts of comments about the food her potential dates prepared for her.

She met Itu, also a 25-year-old man, who could not believe Mbali was her age. He said she looked older than 30, while his friend said she was “a four out of 10”.

Though his friends seemed to like her, Itu hated everything about her. Most of all, he hated her drinking. Mbali said she loved her alcohol, saying her hobby was actually drinking.

In fact, she could not leave Itu’s house before finishing her wine.

“How can a person come to someone’s house and behave like that?” asked Itu, who was not at all impressed with Mbali.

He said he didn’t want her to pick him, and she didn’t, asking if he was “okay upstairs”.

In turn, Mbali did not like Itu’s salad.

She went on to meet Bernard’s family, who also had doubts about her. Bernard did not like that Mbali wore pants. He was a churchgoer who did not drink alcohol at all.

He said though he did not judge Mbali’s life choices, he just didn’t think they would make a good couple.

She then met Tumi, a 24-year-old Venda man who said she had lips that looked like “Kit-Kat ice cream”.

When she got to his house, she did not want her wine to be poured in another room to avoid a love potion being used against her.

Mbali was really not in the business of hiding her love of alcohol as she also asked for “something stronger”.

She arefused to pray for the food, saying she was not a churchgoer and only went on Good Fridays.

She loved everything about the food – except for the sauce that apparently had an aftertaste.

She said she had eight tattoos, including two that were on her “boobs”, and one on her thigh.

She said she loved pain, something she would apparently get the best of from potential date Tumi because his “Lamborghini is strong”, referring to his penis.

The news pleased Mbali, who said Venda men had a reputation of being gifted down there.

She ended up choosing him because “he’s a pushover”.

Tumi in turn liked her but said he didn’t see the two being a couple as yet.

He added that he had a problem with her love for alcohol.

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