Two sources close to The Citizen are claiming that DJ Zinhle and her boyfriend, Brendon Naidoo, have part ways.

Naidoo is currently facing fraud charges after fleecing unsuspecting pensioners and other people out of millions. Zinhle's Mr. Bond was arrested on fraud charges but he was later released, its reported that throughout his time in jail, the DJ was paying him visits.

The duo dated for close to a year and shared many images of themselves together and going on holidays on Instagram.

“Zinhle stood with him during tough times. But all of a sudden, things have taken a nosedive.”

Another source said she had moved in with Thusi, who is back in SA after filming for her US TV series came to an end last month.

“She’s nursing a broken heart. Kaloku, Zinhle moved out of her Sandton rental in Bryanston
because her fraudster boyfriend was supposedly building her a house. Kanti, dololo house,” the source said.

However, Brendon Naidoo has comeout through his Instagram page to sing praises of Mama Kairo. In his recent post where he shared a photo of him and the Dj he said:

 THANK YOU LORDπŸ™πŸ½ For the gift of today-I am alive. For your grace-I am forgiven. For My Love @djzinhle - I am blessed. Your presence is heaven to me. You supply all my needs. You make a way when there seems to be no way out. Your joy is my strength❤️πŸ™πŸ½" #LetGOD #Favored #Blessed #Grateful πŸ‘‘
In what seemed like a reply to Brendon's post, the DJ shared a photo of a leather Jacket with words that read "I'm too far Gone to come back Now"

So, does that mean that Brendon's words are the last kicks of a dying horse?

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