Donald was a recent guest on Real Talk with Anele, and spoke honestly and openly about a time in his life when he was broke because he had invested so much money in his mot recent album, Something More
Speaking to Anele about the album’s production, he hinted that he had been through quite a lot to make it happen. When Anele questioned further, he said, “Finances, girl. Doing this is not cheap and it took a toll on me. There was a time when I didn’t know when I was going to get money for the next video.”

Anele jokingly asked if he ever considered selling his famous red microphone and he said: “I considered selling a lot of things. I really wanted to make sure that it [the album] happened, so that my fans could see it and be proud of me”

He explained that for him, this project was something people didn’t think would be possible and he wanted to prove them wrong.

You can watch Anele’s full interview with Donald below

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