Khanyi Mbau’s latest cosmetic touch-ups have social media talking once again, and one thing is clear: she’s looking less recognisable than ever
At least that’s if you compare the current Khanyi Mbau to the presenter and socialite who first stepped on the scene a few years ago.

Her latest picture, which was shared on Twitter on the 19th of July, achieved maximum reaction as people exclaimed that Khanyi Mbau looks nothing like her former self.

The hilarious caption went down well with her fans, and people joked that her skin-bleaching/skin-lightening procedures were a secret ploy to infiltrate South African white society and win back the land that was originally owned by people of colour.

This isn’t the first time that South African Twitter has poked fun at Khanyi’s appearance
Several weeks ago, social media was in overdrive after the radio and TV star appeared both lighter and “pinker” in new pictures.

Back then, someone was kind enough to post adjacent pictures that compared her transition to that of Michael Jackson in the 90s:

This led Somizi to joke that he couldn’t tell whether Khanyi Mbau was black or Caucasian, on an episode of his reality show, Living the Dream with Somizi.

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