A woman from Evaton West, in Johannesburg, has retold how she survived death after her friend’s boyfriend knocked them down with his car twice before he ultimately killed her friend, Nosi Mahlangu, 29, Sedibeng Ster reports.

The incident allegedly took place in an open veld next to Wilberforce Community College. Leah Mpembe, 29, said Sandile Stabathaba had asked both her and his girlfriend Nosi Mahlangu to accompany him to his home in Lakeside.

“On our way back, Sandile asked the two of us to go and pull a rope in the front of the car, as the car was giving him problems. That is when he hit the two of us with the car. I helped Nosi get up, and we ran, but he drove into us the second time.

“Nosi and I got up again, and we decided to run separate ways. Sandile chased Nosi, and hit her again with the car. When she was lying on the ground, he got out of the car, stabbed and stoned her.”

Mpembe says Mahlangu died shortly after Sandile fled the scene. Sandile allegedly committed suicide following the incident.

– Caxton News Service

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