With a lot of success, comes a lot of negativity and no one knows this better than Nasty C. His meteoric rise has placed him firm in the ranks of South African hip hop's best but even he will tell you it hasn't all been smooth sailing.

Nasty C loves Instagram and often makes quirky and silly videos to keep his fans engaged. This time around, he made a video - two, in fact - to talk about something a little personal. "People told me I wouldn't make it because I was too shy," he revealed. "My voice just wasn't bold enough. I wasn't bold enough; I didn't have the looks. People told me that I was too soft-spoken‚ that I was too much of an introvert to do it."

Instead of getting stuck in a rut, he says how he got through it is, "I reminded myself that I wake up one day and wanted to do this‚ nobody put a gun to my head and told me to pick this. I wanted to do this."

And with hip hop being the kind of game it is, haters are inevitable but he's got his process of dealing with them too. "I get a lot of haters and people saying that I still won't go as I think I am going. I wake up to this every morning. I don't care what the haters say‚ I am blessed."
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