South African presenter, Pearl Thusi is fed up with people asking questions about her complexion

The Quantico star sat down for an interview with Glen Lewis on Touch HD this week and, from the sounds of things, she had quite a lot of frustration to vent.

Pearl began by revealing that people always ask which race she is. Upon hearing that she’s black, the next question is usually why she’s so light.
Pearl explained her genetic background

“My father is dark. My mother was slightly light. I have a recessive gene from five generations back on my dad’s side. My ancestors five generations back were mixed race and so that is where it came from. With a gene recession it is normal, that for years nobody would be born light, or have blue eyes, until a few generations later.”

This might make sense to most of us, but it didn’t stop Pearl from having a rough childhood.

“As a child, being teased by other kids. That’s how I became aware of the colour of my skin. That it was different,” Pearl once wrote in an emotional Instagram post.
During her interview with Glen Lewis, she spoke about how her mother reacted to her light complexion during her younger years

“When I was born my mother was so stressed. You know that all kids are light when they are born, but I was different. My mother was really stressed thinking ‘Oh my gosh, they gonna think that I messed up’.”

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