Zahara’s new man, Ian Sibiya, is 23 years old and five years younger than her.

Despite the age gap, the couple are madly in love and gave a tell-all interview about their romance in the latest Drum magazine. They met at a braai and felt an instant connection, striking up a friendship and deciding to date shortly thereafter.

“I couldn’t believe we both fell in love so quickly. Ian is such a gentleman. He doesn’t come to the house without a gift. People will say I said the same about Amaza but I honestly believe Ian is the one.”

On the age gap, Zahara says she believes Ian is mature so she doesn’t feel the age difference.

“I was actually shocked to find out he’s 23. The age difference doesn’t change anything – Ian is very mature and he respects me so much. He speaks to me like I’m a queen. He has his own career and doesn’t depend on me either.”

Ian told the magazine that as long as he can provide for his woman as a man should, then the age gap is inconsequential.

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