According to Move magazine, DJ Zinhle’s uncle has issued a stern warning to her boyfriend, Brendon Naidoo, after a series of reported fights and break-ups
The Move report reveals Brendon Naidoo and Zinhle’s relationship became heavily strained after the businessman was accused of fraud. They report that after he took out his frustrations on her, she told her uncle about the matter and what happened next can only be described by their source:

“This hurt her and she decided to tell her uncle about Brendon’s actions. Mthembeni got angry and took it upon himself to protect his niece from further harm. He told Brendon that he will deal with him,”

The source added: “He told Brendon that he was sick and tired of seeing Zinhle upset and that it should come to an end. Mthembeni told Brendon if he wanted to know what he is capable of, he should ask AKA.”

You might recall Mthembeni as the same uncle who was livid after it was revealed that her ex-boyfriend, AKA had cheated on her.

Move! magazine also spoke to Mthembeni and he explained why he is so defensive of his niece:

“I am just doing what any parent or uncle would do to protect his niece. The only thing which is better for him and Zinhle is to sort out their differences, and I was just knocking some sense in him. I am not interested on how they live their lives, but he must know that I care so much about Zinhle’s happiness.”

They conclude by reporting that after Mthembeni had a serious talk with him, Brendon went on to apologise and declare his love for DJ Zinhle.

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