Bonang found herself making headlines yet again earlier this week, after a student took to Twitter to share private messages between B and her for the past seven months.

Bonang publicly promised to help the student settle her university fees in February, but apparently dololo has happened since then.

In the wake of the backlash, MaKhumalo defended Bonang.

“People’s outward bullying of Bonang is really painful to watch. When did we become such a judgemental and unforgiving nation? It starts becoming a projection of how angry we are. The anger expressed towards her is misplaced. Sihlulwa yinkinga zethu emakhaya (We have our own problems at home),” she wrote.

She said people should stop dragging each other and rather learn to celebrate each other
“God forbid if Bonang had to pass away all these people will cry forgetting how they treated her, asibeni nomusa ma Africa (let us have mercy, Africans).
Let’s allow black excellence to aspire and inspire and not be a reason to be a monster, I truly believe we are better than this,” she added.


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