Jessica Nkosi has been left fuming, after she was made aware of a fake Facebook page that has been sharing dodgy content using her name
The fake facebook page has over 200 000 likes and has been sharing explicit sexual content.

One fake article on the page claimed that Menzi Ngubane’s 11-year-old daughter was pregnant.

It was all too much for Jessica, who completely lost her temper. She took to Twitter to lash out at the page, telling fans to please report it.

“You cannot use my name to posy such disgusting explicit sexual things and lies about people, I’m so mad I’m gona cry. Stop it,” she tweeted.

The TV personality added that she did not understand why someone would want to target her.

Jessica told fans that she does not have a Facebook page and urged them not to believe the nonsense being posted by imposters.

The TV personality is not the only one to fall prey to imposters, with numerous celebrities facing the same uphill battle

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