It has been over a year since Letshego Zulu lost her husband, Gugu, when health complications claimed his life on Mount Kilimanjaro
In the months that have past, Letshego has had to resume life and raise their daughter, Lelethu without her husband. Speaking to Top Billing, she revealed that the first three months were the most difficult.

“The first three months were really hard until I realised that I need to pick up the pieces and continue. I often say to people, ‘Gugs was never the reason for my tears.”

This was her most recent appearance on the lifestyle magazine show since she last featured with Gugu in 2015.

She added that although the pain is difficult to cope with, she has had to be there for her daughter who is growing up rapidly
“I cry every day, it’s only normal, it’s part of healing. But I pick myself up and continue. I’ve got a little person, a little person that I need to bring up and I need to provide her with the best experiences in life, the best adventures. She needs to live a full life and I’m the person that she looks up to.”

Young Lelethu was only one when Gugu passed away, but Letshego has done everything she can to be a loving and present parent while dealing with her grief.

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