Earlier this year the musician shared a heartbreaking post about being raped.  

She took to social media during Women’s Month to tell of her horrific ordeal.  

“An industry guy once forced his d*** inside me,” Ntsiki tweeted.

She also spoke about how her rapist overpowered her during the incident.

“and thing is….I know I said no and I know I tried very hard to push him off me…..he was just too strong…..but yeah I’m lying.”

Ntsiki declined to mention the man’s name, saying she feared being called a liar. Now she has finally unmasked the man she says raped her.

“I was also raped by Brickz. #BreakTheSilence,” she tweeted on Friday.
Scores of her fans offered her messages of support.
 “you’re stronger than your abuser. He thought he’d won by taking a piece of you kanti akazi ukuthi youre a strong woman. You Rock!” one Twitter user replied to her tweet. 
 But some questioned why she didn’t report the incident, while others outright accused her of lying

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