Emtee has faced the music after he accidentally shared a video on Instagram Live showing his penis on Monday.

The rapper left everyone in shock with the video, which is still circulating on social media. But Emtee has taken the time to apologise to his fans, saying it was a “mistake”.

Social media users have been cracking jokes about the video, which doesn’t sit well with Emtee.

The Manando hit maker wrote on Instagram: “I won’t respond to this today. I will say what I will say but to respond…not today. I know y’all seen worse.”

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VIDEO: Rapper #Emtee shows his manhood.

The rapper told Tshisa Live he was unfazed by the jokes about him, as he had been through worse before.

“I have seen the reactions, and I am not sure what I can do about it or how to justify it. I am aware of what they are saying about me. I am sorry, and there’s not much else I can do. I am a soldier, so I will weather this storm and just see what happens.”

Here are some of his tweets referring to all his haters:


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